Comments from Dutch people on Colombians in Russia for World Cup 2018

The 24th of June 2018 - Poland competed against Colombia. Me and my friends were watching the game in Colombia and after the game we were filled with joy. Colombia won with 0-3! After that we enjoyed a nice barbecue and saw people in bright yellow or blue soccer shirts getting out on the streets.... Continue Reading →

Colombian Elections: Part 2

Sunday, the 17th of June, the second round of elections were held. Who will be president? The new president Because the last time people voted wasn't final for who would become president the 17th of June this month were new elections. This time between the last two men standing. Ivan Duque and Gustavo Petro. After... Continue Reading →

Transmilenio frustrations

Every day I take the Transmilenio to go from my house to work and vice versa. It goes faster than going by car at rush hour, but still there are some things that make me really frustrated. This post will tell you why. Hopefully it doesn't sound to negative because sometimes these situations make me... Continue Reading →

A weekend to Villa de Leyva, Colombia

A few weeks ago I visited Villa de Leyva together with my sister Vera, Adriana and her friend Jenny. We went to the small town but also to the Terracota house, Los Pozos Azules and another small town close by called Ráquira. For the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, we went to Villa de Leyva. This... Continue Reading →

Where to go in Bogotá?

The main capital of Colombia, around 8 million inhabitants, food trucks everywhere and an average temperature between 10 and 18 degrees. I am talking about Bogotá. Always wondered what nice things you can do there? Let me tell you about some of my favorites! What is it like? As I mentioned in my last post,... Continue Reading →

Stephanie, Dafnaf and Viera

Did you ever experience people who couldn't remember your name, probably because it was too difficult for them, and they changed it without them even noticing? This happend to me a lot of times, seriously. Now in Colombia to my sister Vera as well. England It all started a long time ago (so dramatic). Actually... Continue Reading →

Colombian Elections: Part 1

This Sunday, the 27th of May, the elections for president were here in Colombia. There are five people who had the most chance of becoming president. It seems that it is a delicate topic to talk about, but still people were happy to tell me some details and explain how, in general, the elections work.... Continue Reading →

Typical Colombian Words

Have you ever heard someone say that something is really bacano? Or maybe that it is very chevere? Well, before I came to Colombia, I didn't. For those who are curious about some words I learned, I can recommend you to read this post. The words stated below I learned from friends, the lady I... Continue Reading →

Chocó, at the Pacific Coast of Colombia

At the Pacific Coast where rainforest and sea are side to side, the home of the Afro-Colombian communities, amazing tours through nature and the place where you find the best fish dishes. Nuquí, Coquí, Joví and Termales are the few places at the Pacific Coast of Colombia that I visited a few weeks ago.  How... Continue Reading →

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